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This list is meant to provide you with a snapshot view of topics I can train you or your team in using. There are so many different web services and apps that I’ve used over the years, it’s difficult to know where to begin and end. If you have a tool you would like to be trained in using, but don’t see it on this list, please let me know.

Google Apps

Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Forms & Spreadsheets, Google Sites, Google Slides, Google Add-ons, Chrome Extensions, Google Tips & Tricks, Blogger, Gmail, Calendar, YouTube, and Chromecast.

iMovie for the iPad and desktop, WeVideo (web & mobile), YouTube, Educreations (create Khan Academy style videos), Green Screen, Animoto, Magisto, Screen Recording, Xtranormal and more. Ask me about the benefits of video/video creation for you and your students!

Video for Teachers & Students

Classroom Potpourri

Microsoft Office, Haiku Deck, Prezi, NearPod, iPad, Weebly, Web Design, EverNote, iBook Authoring, Digital Citizenship, Socrative, Poll Everywhere, Kahoot, Quizizz, GoFormative, Remind 101, Twitter, and more!


Is She Qualified?

I hold a Masters Degree in Adult Education, I am certified as Leading Edge Administrator, and I’m working on becoming an official Google Education Trainer. I also  have been training regularly since 2013 (approximately 36 trainings per school year), and have consistently received positive feedback on training evaluations. Below are a set of evaluations from 5 different Google trainings I delivered.

Google Documents (pdf)
Google Drive Essentials (pdf)
Google Forms & Spreadsheets (pdf)
Google Sites (pdf)
Google Slides (pdf)

Rebecka Anderson Authorized Google Trainer